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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Copper-Dopper Day!

Every family has them. Those wacky little things you do/celebrate each year even though they're not "normal". Some people celebrate the anniversary of the day they met (even if it wasn't a great meeting). Some celebrate house-iverarys, or car-iversarys.... we celebrate our dog-day. The day we first brought home our fur-baby: Copper!

We call it Copper-Dopper day, and today is the 4th one!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Hey there Fancycakes!

I'm big on DIY. 
My kids love pancakes.

Now, I know these seem like two completely unrelated statements... but they're not. Every single time we're in the grocery store we pass by the section with pancake mix in it and there's inevitably some gadget thing that makes your pancakes look like Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, Hearts, Stars, Flowers, Worms, etc etc etc. And my kids WANT them. My little one has a rather funny little sing-song (in a very deep, kind of "scary" voice) that goes "IwantitIwantitIwantITIwantITIWANTITIWANTIT!"

But, let's be honest - Mama ain't gonna buy a pancake thingy for like $8-$10 that makes ONE shape for the rare amount of times that I actually give in and make pancakes. No no. Mama's gonna D.I.Y.

SO - I started out by drizzling runny mix onto the griddle with spoons, basters, etc etc... it worked... but the results were meh.

THEN I went to the closest DIY paradise: aka Dollarama - and I picked up a couple of these:
Just your basic refillable squeeze bottle thingies. I think they're meant for condiments? They were 3/$1. 

Then, I make up my mix, water it down so it's CLOSER to the consistency you'd use for crepes, but not quite, and then funnel it into the bottles.