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Thursday, 8 November 2012

What Mama Wears - Comfy fashion

It's pretty obvious at this point that if something's not comfortable, then I'm not likely to want to wear it. I know that there's all kinds of women who ascribe to the no-pain no-gain concept of fashion - but to be perfectly honest, if it pinches, pulls, scrapes, etc etc etc it 'aint gonna happen. The main problem then becomes, how on earth to be fashionable and still comfortable. Sweat pants, as we've discussed before, are not especially fashionable. T-shirts, while cozy and easy to wear - not high on the fashion forward list.

So here's a couple of outfits that I've managed to put together that happen to be both fashionable AND comfortable. They're comfashiontable. Or something...

Posie Peplum

Ever since I picked up that polka-dot peplum at Charlotte Rousse, I've been searching for another peplum that happens to a)fit my bustline and b)not break the bank. It's harder than you think. Then I remembered that I had a random chunk of fabric that I got for free (FREE!) off kijiji and it might be a fun little top. So I traced out a well fitting t-shirt, cut it at the waistline and added a much fuller bottom for the peplum effect. Hem all the edges and voila - a peplum that looks fashionable and fits with the comfort of a t-shirt! Fab! I wore it with a statement necklace, some fun earrings, jeans that wear like yoga pants and some easy to wear flats. Fashionable AND comfortable. I wore it all day!

Top: Homemade / Jeans: Reitman's / Flats: Payless / Necklace: Kohl's / Earrings: The Icing by Claire's

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Make it! Aprons!

For my birthday this year my sister decided to enroll us both in a Wilton cake decorating class. I'm super excited about it, and one of the items on the "must have" list for the class is an apron. I decided that I would make aprons for my sister and myself to wear during our 4-week class and I thought I would share the process with you!