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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Make it! Aprons!

For my birthday this year my sister decided to enroll us both in a Wilton cake decorating class. I'm super excited about it, and one of the items on the "must have" list for the class is an apron. I decided that I would make aprons for my sister and myself to wear during our 4-week class and I thought I would share the process with you!

Things you'll need:

sewing machine

To start cut out all your fabric pieces

you need 2 pieces for the top bib (front and back: piece A), 4 pieces for the neck ties (front and back for each side of the bib: piece B), 2 pieces for the waistband and ties (front and back: piece C), 2 pieces for the apron (front and back: piece D), 2 pieces for each pocket (Not shown in pattern).

Match up the right sides of the neck ties and sew around 3 sides, then turn right side out and press.

Take the front and back of the bib, and sandwich (from the bottom up) front (right side up), two neck ties, back (right side down). Sew around 3 sides and turn. Press

Take the front and back (right sides facing) of the apron skirt and sew around 3 sides leaving the top open.

Taking your front and back of waistband/waist ties and press flat and press in a quarter inch on top and bottom. (no picture)

Now you should have 4 pieces to work with
1) bib with neck ties attached
2) skirt (front and back together)
3) front waistband tie piece
4) back waistband tie piece

Finding the center point of your front waistband and the center point of your skirt you can either ruffle or pleat the skirt along the waistband, pinning as you go to the desired width (my skirt is 24 inches wide, so I did 3 pleats to either side of the centre point reach out 12 inches). Then lay the bib on top of the skirt making sure that the bottom (the open side) of the bib does not go past the waistband bottom, then sandwich those 3 layers with the waistband back (right side up) and pin. Topstitch completely around the waistband/waist tie in the process catching the skirt and bib layer in the centre. You might also want to put little pleats in at the neckline if you want it to sit right close to your skin.
Topstitching - close up.

Press everything and voila! Aprons!
 Our aprons together - matchers!

 Me looking much more pleased to be in an apron.

The back. I love coordinating fabrics!

Now - go take a cake decorating class. And enjoy!



  1. Lovely Trisha! I made my niece the cutest little apron a few years ago for her birthday. They are such a fun project to mix and match and have fun with. I should make Emily and I one for Christmas. (Ian has a great pirate one that I bought for him a while back.)

  2. So fun! It's a good opportunity to mix/match prints you might not otherwise do.


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