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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Well - they're hitched!

Sister's wedding was yesterday - and it was beautiful. Sister looked AMAZING in her dress, and new brother-in-law looked pretty handsome too. It was a great day of celebration at 4 Seasons Golf & Country Club in Claremont - great staff and beautiful venue too.

Like any wedding it had some "moments" before we really got going, but we handled them all fairly well. Even baby-sis managed to get through her Maid of Honour speech without totally breaking up. And our little monsters walked down the aisle carefully, slowly and managed to get the rings up to the altar without issue. I have to say, I was pretty darned proud of my little monsters.

Being at a wedding usually makes me think back to my own wedding day, 5 years ago this past June. The dj was nice enough to even play our wedding song for us to dance before we headed home. I was very proud to be a part of Sister's special day. It was truly beautiful. And now - we're exhausted... anybody got a good remedy for puffy eyes?

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