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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pirates, Monkies and gravestones, oh my!

So... Hallowe'en is kind of a big deal at my house. A few years ago now, my Dad and I decided we were going to do a serious graveyard in the front yard of his house, on a whim, I dressed up like a mad scientist and wandered around the driveway to scare the neighbourhood children as they came to get their candy... and for some reason, we got hooked.  Several years later now we have ground popping zombies, a skeleton, a coffin, a floating ghost, many many gravestones, lighting, a gate, a giant cross, sound effects a fog machine and more. Like I said - we got a little... involved. So every single year we try and decide what to add... we don't like to spend a lot of money... and we generally try to make things as simple as possible... this year I've gotten a spider that drops down from a tree in my yard and crawls back up.

I'm adding in some pics - but what do you think? Got any great, simple ideas?

As for kid costumes - the little one is wearing a purchased monkey costume that my s-i-l bought a couple of years ago for the bigger one. The big one is being a Pirate. We're thinking of calling him Cap'n Nobeard. ;) So far we've got pants (made by my m-i-l), a shirt I altered, a vest I've sewn, an old belt that belonged to my hubby and a head scarf... now our only problem is that Cap'n nobeard looks awfully... clean. :P


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