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Friday, 28 October 2011

I love Hallowe'en

I love Hallowe'en. I mean, I really seriously love it. I can't even explain why... in a previous post I briefly talked about our yard haunt... and that's part of it. I love dressing up silly and hanging around on the front lawn scaring the neighbourhood children. It's the one day of the year that that's allowed! (I mean, seriously, people frown on it if you do that at Christmas, y'know?)

This year I'm going with a witch costume, bubbling cauldron suspended from branches over a "fire". Got some great ideas (as usual) from Martha Stewart. Seriously, I know we hear it's a "good thing" all the time, but this website is brilliant if you're looking for crafty ideas and such for ANY holiday.

Check it out yourself if you're looking for last minute ideas...Last Minute Halloween Ideas

We're having a party with our kids, some great friends and their kiddos on Saturday. One of the best things about having kids is the excuse to have a silly afternoon/evening party - I've been looking forward to this for weeks!

So I just have to finish tidying up our house, decorating, and work on some crafts for Monday night (this afternoon it's spider egg sacs to hang from my spider theme area in our tree in the front yard) and then tonight we're carving pumpkins and making pumpkin seed brittle!pumpkin seed brittle recipe - joy of baking Try it out yourself this year - you might be hooked!

Pics of the deco and party to follow!
Happy Hallowe'en!

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