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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hallowe'en complete and on to Christmas!

Finally got past Hallowe'en - a total success! Made the big one's pirate costume...

Little one was a monkey (Did NOT Make this costume)
But we did make the wagon look like a pirate ship!

And we had our front yard haunt like normal which was tonnes of fun and a great success. Got some really good scares in too.

and now I'm really focussed on Christmas. Finished up one gift so far - a knit cardigan for my Mother. It's knit bottom up raglan style with a seed stitch band around the bottom and cuffs, and a seed stitch collar and picked up button band as well. It turned out quite nice and it's knit in a lovely rich red homespun - so cozy - I hope she loves it!

What do you think about a homemade Christmas? We've committed to doing an entire YEAR of homemade (mostly) gifts... and it's turning out to be a challenge, but a lot of people do the "buy nothing" or "Homemade" Christmas... is it something you think you could try? We're going all out this year, and it's been tough, but rewarding so far.


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