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Friday, 4 November 2011

Sneaky sneaky November

Well now November... when did you get so sneaky? You with your 30 days and your daylight savings time and your clever little Remembrance Day (not that I have ANYTHING against Remembrance Day - PLEASE don't get me wrong, I'll post about it when it's appropriate... THIS is about November) lulling me into a false sense of security when suddenly I actually LOOK at the calendar and realize that it's only 52 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!?

WHAT? GAH! ACK! BLECH? and all other manner of excalamtory strange noises. 52 days? That's IT? Oh goodness gracious.

Do you know what this means, November? Well? Do you? It means that you can't just lull around and waft in like "oh Hi, it's Me... y'know November...." anymore. You've got to announce yourself with some presence! Like "HEY! It's me, November?! Yeah, guess what Lady? Christmas? It's COMING."

Yup. 52 days. That means I have to complete approximately 1 gift project every 2-3 days from now until Christmas. Sounds manageable right? Did I mention I work? Have toddlers? A Dog? Church commitments?! Oh goodness help me. Seriously. HELP. ME.

I've been knitting, canning, preserving, pickling, sewing, beading, etc etc etc and I still don't feel like I've got a handle on this crazy business! We'll have to see if my head hasn't exploded by Christmas eve.

And then there's the lead-up! I'm going to make this advent calendar for the kids.... it's kid socks, all hung on a line with the days leading up to Christmas. The first Sunday of Advent is at the end of the month, so I'm thinking that if we did something liturgical on the Sundays (we could even have an Advent candle wreath at home) and then little treats and scriptures for the other days - it might help ease the LOOOONG (for my kids, NOT me) wait for Christmas. What do you think? Do you do a build up to Christmas with your kids? Or do you find it's better to just spring it on them the week before?

One thing's for sure... I'm gonna need more tea.


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