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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mommy Only Week

SO.......... hubby's leaving for a week on business. And I'm looking at 5 whole days of "Mommy only". I'll be perfectly honest - I've beed DREADING this week ever since I knew it was coming. It's not that I don't love my boys - I love them to bits, it's not even that I really doubt my parenting skills - I'd say - so far I'm doing alright... I mean, I'm relatively confident that we can make it Monday to Friday without any major injuries and both kids being fed, clean, and slept... not necessarily in that order.

What I'm NOT confident about - my ability to get ME through the week, fed, clean and slept. To not completely lose my mind when the littlest one says "Daddy... are you?" for the ten thousandth time (he does it already when one of us leaves for about 1/2 an hour... by day 3, it'll be painful....dread). To not go completely bonkers when there's absolutely NO ONE else to change that dirty diaper, clean up soap/shaving cream/etc from the bathroom counters/walls/floor... and who knows what else they'll get into.

The plan so far is to have the most structured week we've EVER had... I'm hoping that if I can keep them busy enough, they won't have enough time to try and clobber each other and destroy things. THAT'S the plan... we'll see how it goes. So, for now, I'm going to bed, my last night before hubby goes away for 5 days.... and the last night of sanity I may have for a bit.


Mommy Only Week - here we come.

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