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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Unplanned hiatus

Hello blog-o-sphere,

So - I've been on a bit of an unplanned hiatus. For a few reasons. The main/first reason was that I was planning/organizing a super-amazing worship night at our church. We do them a couple of times a year, and I'm usually PART of the organizing type group, but for a few different reasons I felt like it kind of ALL came down to me this time. For that reason I was out of my head busy with song lists, order of service, powerpoint, interactive worship planning/prep, videos, dance prep, timing,  etc etc etc. Plus I had 3 practices a week being in the worship band and the liturgical dance group. So all of that, plus my regular stupidly busy life made me a little bit... ca-razy. But it's done now, it was a fantastic night, everything went fairly smoothly (one little powerpoint hiccup and the wrong music at the start of one of the dance offerings, but nothing's perfect).


THEN the very next day - my big'un got an eye infection. Like a really horrible, crazy raging 2 day fever, runny eye grossness eye infection. It was awful, and the treatment - eye drops. Now, I don't know if you know anything about giving eye drops to an almost 4 year old, but it's basically like trying to drop a grain of rice through a hole in a board that's shifting, closing, spasming, and is balanced on top of an entire crate of angry cats. That you just gave a bath. Or, are currently trying to give a bath. Plus screaming. Yeah, awesome. Oh, and you have to do it twice, because 2 drops are required. 3. Times. A Day. For FIVE days. :|

And this morning, after the first night like 4-5 days that both boys have ALMOST stayed the whole night in their own beds, they came into our room and the little one... HAS THE CROUP COUGH. Which means we're in for at LEAST 3 horrible nights to come. Seriously.

And so, that's where we are. Thankfully March break is coming up soon and that means a whole 10 days without having to pack the boys up and get them on an off the bus with me twice a day. So that will be a bit of a break, except that I plan on spending pretty much the entire week working on plans/gifts/etc for the little'uns 2nd birthday.

But just for fun - here's a couple more pics from our Winter Worship night. Enjoy!


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