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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Kids are nuts! Well... mine are...

So, I don't blog about my kids very often... it's not that I don't have things to say about them, but often I start writing about something that I think is hilarious and halfway through I start thinking "Is this funny to anyone else? Or does it just make me look crazy? Or my kids crazy? Maybe we are crazy?!" etc etc etc. And then I delete it and write about crafts instead. Which is cool - but let's be honest, it makes it seem like I have a LOT of time for crafts... I don't.

Here's the deal. I've got two kiddos: Big'un is going to be 4 at the end of June, and Littl'un is going to be 2 on Friday. 2? TWO?! Two. Ugh.

And they're funny. Well, WE (the hubs and I) think they're funny. They say funny things - they make jokes that make no sense. And sometimes, when they're MOST funny - is when they're TOTALLY serious.

Example: The big'un got new rubber boots this year. Spiderman boots. Now - we KNEW that we had fire-man rubber boots SOMEWHERE in our house, so when little'un got to pick out his raincoat, he picked out a fireman coat because we had (foolishly) told him about the boots. Well, we couldn't find 'em. And he kept trying to wear the big'uns boots. Fights ensued, and last night, miracle of miracles - we found the fireman boots.

He. Loves. Them. He fell asleep wearing them. We had an "aw... that's so cute" moment, and took them off him and carried him up to bed.

Fast-forward to 1:47am last night - little'un walks into our bedroom screaming bloody-murder. I swear, I thought he had broken his arm. I sleepily picked him up and put him in our bed. He does the full-body grind/dead weight flip flop. He screams, he cries... we ask him "What's wrong? Tell Mummy! Use your words!" and in the midst of the flailing and screaming and panic I catch "Where MY fire boots go?!?!?"

Oh. My. God. He's freaking out at ten to two in the morning because we took the boots off him before he went to bed.

Tonight? He's sleeping with the boots on. Some things are not worth fighting over.

Then there's the big'un. He'll be 4 in June.

You know how people always warn you that you should watch what you say around your kids, because they're little mimics, etc etc? And you think "Well, that's no problem, I don't swear around my kids, so no big deal! Right?" Right?! Wrong.

You don't realize that they aren't talking about swearing... they're talking about EVERYTHING. Every. Little. Thing. you say or do. These are a few of the things we've actually OVERHEARD our big'un say to: himself, his toys, or his brother:

To his toys: "HOW many times do I have to tell you? I tell you the SAME THING over and over and over..."

To his little brother: "*Gasp* Little'un! YOU'RE a Cheeky Bugger!!!!!!!!!!"

To himself: "Just don't wear any pants and then you won't need them!"

And then there's the "logic". I use that term loosely. I used to tell people that I didn't do well with small children because they were so illogical. In fact - (total side story coming up here) - I used to call my youngest cousin "Non-Sequitor Pete" because he would tell us stories that went something like "I played soccer with my friends today, last night we had pizza for dinner because I'm going to Jump-zone on Friday and I like fish!" Uh................. yeah....................................

Well, that's the kind of logical thinking we're getting from Big'un now. Yup.

And that, my friends, is why I need copious amounts of tea.

Like right now.


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