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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter - and the things kids say

I'm certain I've posted previously about the *ahem* wonderful things that my almost-4-year-old "big'un" says from time to time - like the time he condescendingly told another child at the playgroup
"You know, SOME people don't know how to share... and THAT'S sad."
Me - praying that the other child's mother didn't hear MY words just come out of my kid's mouth - eep!

And this year around Easter - my kiddos had some real gems - so I thought I'd share them with you. Laugh at my socially-awkward-child-induced horror if you will.

A couple of weeks before Easter, Big'un tells me he "needs to go to the library and get a book". Fair enough, so off we go to the library. We head over to the kid book section and he's looking around and I ask him "What kind of book are you looking for buddy?"

"An Easter Book"

Meanwhile, the kid's been sorting through the 40-odd Easter books that are right. there. on the shelf in front of him.

So I say
"Well, there's a whole bunch right there, so why don't you just pick one?"

He eyes me, as if to say - duh, Mom, OBVIOUSLY the book I'M looking for ISN'T here - and says

"I'm gonna ask the Lady" (he means the Librarian).

So we trot over to the Librarian's desk, me following him in his "serious walk" and he goes up to the desk and says

"I need an Easter Book"

she smiles "Well, they're over in the children's section"

He interrupts:

"About Jesus. You don't have any"
*serious sort of confrontational look on his face*

She pauses
"Well, no, sweetie. I guess we don't."

He turns to walk away (I think it's over, I'm already starting to babble about checking out the church library on Sunday) and then turns half back to her and says

"Well you should." and just walks. away.


SO - due to the serious lack of "Jesus Easter Books" at the public library, the Hubs and I bought the boys The First Easter Storybook (with stickers! Yes!) as their Easter gift from us.  And on Easter morning, I'm looking through the book and I point to the picture of Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem that's on the front cover and say

"Hey Little'un! Who's that?!"

He gasps - pure joy on his face and exclaims:



Yup. Cowboy Jesus.

Happy Easter folks.... Hope your Easter was at LEAST as eventful as ours. And had lots of tea. Mine did. :)


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