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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What Mama Wears...

This is the first instalment of What Mama Wears! Yay!

Okay - to be fair, I'm actually kind of excited. And nervous. And excited... Hopefully the photography will get better as time goes on (let's be honest, I'm used to be on the other side of the camera, not in front of it - yuck!) but for now at least hopefully you'll get an idea of what I'm wearing and why!

First up:

Put a bow on it.

I love a good print. Picked up this tee at Forever 21 Outlet in Niagara Falls. Since it's kind of a stand out I went fairly simple with everything else. Black and White cardi, sweet *shh, they're* yoga pants and a pair of super comfy low heels. I like to have a more defined waist in my outfits, since, as a busty woman, sometimes finding a top that fits the girls makes everything else look kind of pregnant and potato-sackish. But I can't wear a belt every single day, so I just button one or two buttons in the middle of the cardi, and voila - instant hourglass.
Cardigan: Ricki's / Tee-shirt: Forever 21 Plus / Pants: Joe Fresh Yoga / Shoes: Payless Fioni Night / Necklace: Designs by Patricia

Rainy Day Blues

So - when I was a teenager, I used to think that if you got two colours that were REALLY REALLY similar, people wouldn't notice if they didn't match exactly. Obv. I was wrong. So - then I just started wearing random colours and a lot of fluorescent. It was the 90s. Sue me.

Anyways - now that I'm a grown-up I realize that you can wear several shades of the same colour that TOTALLY don't match exactly and it's all good. Less worry - more colour. I like it.

It was a kind of rainy day, so I wore this. I actually wore it - all day. I drove my school bus in it. Rocked it. Also - I wore random brown moccasins that I picked up from Giant Tiger with it. Not pictured.
PS - I just got this shirt and I love it. Expect to see it a lot.

Cardigan: Mark's Work Wearhouse / Shirt: Marshall's / Jeans: Addition-elle 

Oh - also? I tried that whole tucking only one side of the front of your shirt in thing that's all over the fash. blogs and pinterest right now? Yeah - 2 things. 1) It exposes the shelf (...y'know... the SHELF. The post-baby-tummy, the pooch, the c-section shelf, the part of our bodies post kiddos that if we have it we just like to pretend it's not there? Yeah, that.) so, def. no go. and 2)It makes it look like I STARTED to tuck in my shirt, and then potentially my littl'un tossed a large bowl of cereal on the floor or something and I stopped what I was doing to wipe it up and then ran out the door - which, while a totally viable situation, is not one that I'd like to promote via fashion. SO - shirt completely untucked it is. Glad we got that sorted.

Whew - that was kind of exhausting. Okay, not really - but I think it's a good place to start. This is it! The first ever "What Mama Wears"... I'm kind of nervous, but here goes.... 

Let me know what'ya think, will ya? I'll just be sitting around... drinking tea... waiting for you to comment... nervously... ohlawdyijustputpicturesofmyselfontheblogwhatwasithinkingohgodohgodohgod.... I'm fiiiiiine.



  1. Love the red, black and white outfit! Looks great!

    Personally, I prefer the pictures that show your face as well though. Good first post!

  2. Love the blog and the model aint bad either. Cute outfits. and yeah the shirt thing . . . untucked for sure !!!

  3. Pics showing my face will only happen when I can stand the look on my own face... tho' as the photography gets better hopefully there will always be face pics.

    And yes Heyolman - untucked all the way! ;)


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