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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

KTP Sabotage!

SO - Saturday evening just past we had a HUGE party at our house for the hubs' 30th birthday. It was a "surprise" and by that I mean - he pretty much figured it out, but was def. surprised at the fact that we fit about 50 people in our little house. Frankly - I was surprised at that. There was some cheeky talk about whether or not the floor would hold... but it turned out to be a pretty great night.

The house was immaculate (for like the first time since we moved there I think), the food was great (done up right by me, my Mom, and the Moms-in-law), the people were awesome (all our friends are, obvs.) and the party was generally considered a success.

And then I had to clean up. Again. Ugh.

It wasn't so bad, really, I mean, it was cleaning up the plates and cups, and the absolute MOUNTAIN of dishes that comes after a party like that, but otherwise, not bad at all. And Monday started the official first day of KTP.

I checked my dayplanner, I crossed items off my list. I vacuumed the main floor, washed the dishes and emptied/reloaded the dishwasher, tidied off the catchalls (our dining room table and the kitchen counters), made the beds, and did some laundry.

And then.... I realized.... I was being sabotaged! Literally, my children, hubs, and the dog were following me around, knocking cushions off the couch, leaving things on tables and counters, not putting dishes in the dishwasher, and tracking salt and dirt beyond the front hall... AH!

I decided, it was the first day, I wasn't going to let it get to me.... but today - the same old story. I tidied and picked up all day long and then went to dance practice tonight... I came home to see that it looked like the playroom had exploded over half the basement, and dishes were slowly migrating away from the kitchen and down into the den. I'll admit... I had a bit of a tantrum. Seriously! Am I the only one that wants to live in a clean house? Okay - our littlest one does like to "keen up keen up" - unfortunately, that usually means that he'll do things like put my keys in the cutlery drawer, or the ketchup in the toy box. (Yes - both of those things have actually happened). But I can't be the only one who does the tidying day in and day out.

So - how do I get the kids and the hubs on board? I mean, I managed to keep the house clean today, AND bake banana bread and chocolate chip muffins and take some over to our new neighbours.... and they can't get their dishes to the dishwasher. Things have gotta change folks.

I need tea.
Any thoughts?

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