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Saturday, 21 January 2012


Just a quick post:
I've discovered an incentive to get the kiddos to clean up their rooms/playrooms.... apparently standing at the door with a garbage bag in my hands is great incentive to get moving and start putting things away....

I wonder if it would work with the hubs?

Ha ha. But seriously. Some incentive is definitely needed to keep them from sabotaging my KTP on a regular basis.

In other news: I'm participating in a One Tiny Doctor Who Thing swap on my fave crafting site Craftster. I actually managed to think up something that was "bigger on the inside" and still technically fit within the 4inch by 4inch size guidelines for this swap. Once my partner has received, I'll post up some pics here (and maybe a quick words only tute since it was simpler than I thought) but I don't want to post now in case she sees this - Spoilers!

In other "Who" news - the hubs' and my Christmas gift to each other FINALLY arrived in the mail yesterday! We got the David Tennant Years box set of DVDs. 26 DVDs of David Tennant as Doctor Who! PLUS animated specials and all kinds of crazy extras. Woot! It doesn't technically fit into the Year of Homemade Gifts pledge, but I talked it out with my craft-a-long friends and everyone agreed that it's okay to break the rules for David Tennant ;)

Well - back at it. Gotta keep up with my list for the day.


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