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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Organized Misery? Or Happy Chaos?

So - as part of my goals for 2012, and in my search for happiness - I've decided that I'm going to get organized... and stay that way. Now - I love organizing. Actually - mostly I love lists. Seriously - I love a good list. I like sitting down with a clean, fresh piece of paper, writing that sucker out. I love looking at it to keep on track, I love crossing things off (with or without vehemence depending on the item). I do not function well without my dayplanner - which to be honest, is really just a book where I can make lists according to day of the week. I list when I'm going to sleep (which usually results in me saying "SHUT UP BRAIN" a few times) and I list in my head when I'm going through my day.

For example - this morning, I was up, brushing my hair and while I was doing that in my head I was thinking: Get dressed, wake up the boys, make tea, get breakfast, get the boys dressed, do your morning bus run. And then while I was on the bus I was thinking Get home, check email, write blog post, finish cleaning dining room (canning boxes under the stairs, laundry to the laundry room, toys back in the playroom), start on basement and both bathrooms today. (Even my lists have lists.)  Now I'm writing this post and I'm thinking: This afternoon if I have time, put spaghetti sauce on in the crockpot while I work on the other rooms.

But sometimes.... sometimes - my lists don't get finished. And I usually try to be okay with that.... but let's be honest - as much as I love a good list.... I can't stand an uncompleted one. Oooooo it just grinds my gears. And so - that leads me to the following question: Even though I love lists - and I'm hoping that my listing will help me on the way to a cleaner, more organized household for 2012 (which would make me happy - I like a clean, organized house).... but will I end up in Organized Misery? Or Happy Chaos? Only time will tell.

Let's just hope it's not Organized Chaos.... I think.

I need tea. Put that at the top of the list. Onwards and Upwards.


PS - do you list? Does it help or hinder?

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