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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bauble Desire - What Mama would wear

So part 2 of Mama's window(s) shopping is accessories. I love spring and summer, all the stores start to embrace bright bold colours and prints and fun patterns... I get so down in the winter when apparently we're all supposed to wear pastels and neutrals... I mean honestly, it should be switched, when do we need colour more? When it's drab and cold and dreary? Or when it's warm and bright? Okay, I need colour year round, or Mama gets grouchy... but I digress.

Back to window shopping. Here are the shoes and accessories that I would love to add to my wardrobe this fashion season.


 I'm loving the trend of having bright complimentary colours and prints in your shoes. Pairing up some bright and funky shoes with a more neutral outfit is a fun way to add some pop to your outfit. Plus, if you're going somewhere where you "should" look sedate, and most people won't really notice your shoes, then you can add some fun to your outfit without having things look completely over the top.

I'm loving these tasselled loafers. They come in a whole bunch of colours and a few prints and honestly, if I had the cash, I'd get 'em all! These would look cute with everything from jeans to twill pants to skirts and casual dresses. Too cute!

 These super braided sandals are available in a whole bunch of colours. I would love these for hanging out at the cottage or even wearing with a sundress for church. The very slight heel dresses them up just a bit from plain old flip-flop style sandals.


Oh, I love accessories. Pretty much anything beaded, i don't buy because I always figure I can make it myself. But I'll admit, I have a soft spot for enamelled jewellery. It's hard to make and it always packs a punch. I've picked out a few items that are mostly neutrals, but almost all of these are available in a variety of colours to match or coordinate with any of your favourite pieces.

These two enamelled bracelets come in a variety of colours, the larger ones are hinged (for ease of getting on and off your wrist) and the smaller ones are sized.

 I'm completely obsessed with these starfish earrings. Something about sea creatures represented in jewellery just screams summer fun to me. And at less than $10 I may have to cave and pick these up full price.

These earrings are so vintage/art deco inspired and I completely love them. They look like something you could pick up at an estate sale, and I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for sweet art deco style vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe this year.
This zebra bangle is just so fun. I usually don't go for bangles that are on elastic cording because I figure they're bound to break and they just feel cheap. But these zebras are so sweet that I would probably pick up something like this because it's so different than what people would usually be wearing.

This belt! I'm obsessed with laser cut-outs lately. They're so sharp and the crisp graphic patterns that can be produced are awesome. I would pair this with a flowy chiffon style top or skirt to contrast the hard clean lines of the laser cut on the belt. Sweet!

This is a much quicker round-up of items on my wardrobe wishlist, but I hope you had fun window shopping with me. Hopefully I can find some similar items in second hand and thrift stores this spring and summer. You never know what's out there!


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