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Thursday, 24 January 2013

What Mama Wears: Dance Practice

For some of you it may be a surprise to hear that I am actually an avid dancer. I've taken quite a few classes over the years, and even took tap dance all the way through my first pregnancy (some of the fam jokes that that's why the big'un is so wild and crazy - I shook him up in utero too much), but I've actually been dancing with a liturgical dance group at my church for almost 11 years now. I love worship dance, it's one of my great passions - and while I'm certainly not a very graceful person in my everyday life (walk into walls much? yeesh!) I find I have some measure of grace when I'm dancing in praise that I don't have any other time. 

So how does a Mama go from running errands to making dinner to dance practice without multiple wardrobe changes? Jeggings! Okay okay, I actually HATE that word, but they're SO comfy and if you get a decent pair you can go out in public without feeling like you forgot to put a piece of clothing on. That said: I have a personal rule: Leggings are NOT pants. That means you do NOT wear leggings of any form without also wearing something that covers your rear end. I don't care if you're 16 and super-fit, 6 and super-cute or 60 and you don't care - just don't do it. Leggings are not pants.

In this case I put my jeggings on with a LONG long sleeve tee, topped with a bright red boyfriend-style cardigan, red boot socks and my fave flat brown boots. Very wearable, worked for shopping, making dinner and dance practice (obviously I did not dance in my boots, I switched to my dance sandals and my boot-socks doubled as leg warmers for practice.
Cardigan: Walmart / Tee: Walmart / Jeggings: Giant Tiger / Boot socks: Walmart / Boots: Famous Footwear

What do you wear when you need a multiple-wear outfit?



  1. I one hundred percent agree on your stance on leggings as not being pants... but I also agree that they are sooo comfortable.

    1. Totally comfortable!

      Just not pants. There's a woman who walks kids to school in the morning the same route as we do... she wears leggings and a puffy vest. Seriously - leggings... not pants. SO not pants. :P


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