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Friday, 25 January 2013

What Mama Wears: Tea Party

I was invited a tea-party at my best friend's neighbour's house recently. First of all - obviously I couldn't pass up a tea-party! I mean, who would I be?!  Secondly - I got to find out about a great, Canadian loose-leaf tea company based in Hamilton called Steeped Teas.*

The consultant who gave the presentation was super-friendly and she had lots of great teas, including my all-time favourite tea blend: Monk's Blend. It's a black tea with vanilla and grenadine flavours - fabulous! And since Teaopia got bought out by Teavana (and they stopped carrying Monk's Blend and stopped actually educating their staff about tea - more about THAT in another post) and I've been more than disappointed in them lately, I was psyched to find out about another tea company that was Canadian!

In any case - what does Mama wear to a tea party with a lot of people she doesn't know? Well, it was a Saturday afternoon, so I felt safe wearing jeans, but I wanted to dress it up just a little bit. Add a really pretty lace inspired cardi, my fave white tee, and some fun accessories and I was ready to go!

Cardigan: Ricki's / T-shirt: Joe Fresh / Jeans: Reitman's / Belt: Giant Tiger / Necklace: Designs ...By Patricia / Earrings: Designs ...By Patricia

This outfit was just dressy enough, and was also comfortable to sit around and drink wonderfully tasty teas in! My fave Monk's Blend, After Eight (wonderfully chocolate-y and minty), Feminini-tea (good for the hormotional woman) and so many others! Check out the Steeped website - they also have great mixes for dips and cakes and scones and so much more!


*I am not sponsored in any way, shape or form by Steeped teas. I was just totally thrilled to find out about this company and thought you should know about them too!

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