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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pin to Real LIfe: Breaking the rules

Another Pin to Real life instalment!

So, just recently I refashioned a skater style dress into a hi-low peplum top (here), and I was initially going to style it the way I usually style a peplum, according to my rule that something with fullness on top should go with something trim and sleek like a black pencil skirt or cropped pants... but then I saw this pin and then this one (which I absolutely LOVED) and I thought - forget it! Mama's breaking the rules!

I paired this newly refashioned top with a previously refashioned tablecloth into circle skirt and a white belt, shoes and funky pearl necklace.

Breaking the rules and looking classy at the same time.

I actually think this outfit is indicative of this 50s style Christian Dior silhouette.

See? Sometimes breaking the rules is okay.
But, let me be clear: this does NOT apply to leggings. Just sayin'


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