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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What Mama Wears: Links and Stripes - Pin to Real LIfe #6 -

I love these two pieces separately, but was always concerned that putting them together looked a little... well..  HEEEEY Sailor! ;)

Y'know what I mean.

But after seeing these few pins like this one, this one, and especially this one with the big links necklace I was convinced to give it a try. I actually quite like how this outfit came out!

Pairing this boatneck striped shirt and red capris with some navy boat shoes, a funky link necklace and some sweet rose earrings felt just right to wear to a summer evening family party for my sister's birthday.

Pants: Rickis/ Top: Old Navy/ Shoes: Walmart/ Necklace & Earrings: Designs...By Patricia

What do you think? Do you ever shy away from certain pieces because you think they'll look too costumey or give a certain look to them? Try stepping out of your comfort zone, you might like what you try out!


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