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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Make it! T-shirt Refashion

Don't you love the comfort of a great t-shirt? I know I do. But I can't stand to wear a big, shapeless sack of a t-shirt. I picked up a couple of shirts and refashioned one into a semi-peplum style top. It's so easy, you could do it too!
So, I've included a random paint tutorial, and I'll intersperse real pics where I can, though the paint pics do a better job of showing how to do this.

Make sure you do NOT take in the lower half the shirt you cut off. The extra volume is what creates the 'skirt' of the refashion

So there you are! The whole refashion took about an hour from start to finish. For sizing reference, I usually wear a women's large or x-large and I bought a man's 2XL shirt to start from.

Go! Refashion a tee-shirt!


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