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Friday, 15 February 2013

5 years of furry love - it's Copper-Dopper Day!

In our household there is another super-important day that immediately follows Valentine's Day. We call it Copper-Dopper Day. Feb 15, 2008 the Hubs drove me up to a dog shelter called "Paws Awhile" and we picked up my first baby, my furbaby - Copper. Or as we called him in the early months we had him, the Copper-Dopper.

Copp is a redbone coonhound, we figure he's around 9 years old now, and while he definitely has his issues (being born in a puppy mill, used as a stud-dog - that'll do some damage to a dog psyche) he's also an incredibly sweet, patient, loving dog. He loves to snuggle, and while he's not very "lick-y", he will rub his head against you, and 'snuffle' you (smell your face) if he likes you. He's a sweetheart.

So, every Feb 15 we celebrate the day that our little family grew. He's our .5 (y'know, white picket fence, 2.5 kids... still waiting on that fence tho'). And we love him.
He made himself comfortable pretty soon after we got him.

Our first Christmas with Copper

Got along well with the kiddos right off

 Loves the cottage... even though he couldn't swim at first

All smiles in the sunshine.

Thanksgiving 2012

Christmas 2012

Me, the Hubs and our 2.5. :) 

It wouldn't be the same without him...

Happy Copper-Dopper Day!


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