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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What Mama Wears: Ankle Boot love

Do you have a shoe-wish-list? I can't be the only one. I will willingly admit to regularly "window shopping" shoe websites and dreaming about owning different pairs of shoes. The hubs will attest to the fact that when we got married and moved into our first apartment together he insisted on counting as we unpacked the boxes I had labelled "shoes". I tried to insist that flip-flops do NOT count as pairs of shoes, nor do slippers, and I even tried to slip moccasins into that non-count list as well. He disagreed and counted every single pair of footwear that I owned... over 200 pairs later, he tried to make me admit that I had a problem. I did not. I said: "The only one with a problem here - is you. Obviously."

After being pregnant, my feet widened out and I had to reluctantly give up several of my beloved pairs of shoes and I'm now down to a much more manageable no. of pairs of footwear though I'm slowly trying to build up my collection... I figure if I go slow enough, the hubs won't notice.

Back to this post: the reasoning behind this little back story is: 1) I desperately wanted these boots the moment I saw them but they were $25 and I rarely if ever pay that much for shoes and 2) When I finally bought them they were on sale for $9. Yeah, $9. NINE. The hubs could not refuse me - ha ha!


The rest of this outfit you've seen before. Jeans from Addition-elle and tee and cardi both from Ricki's. But I can imagine wearing these ankle boots with many other outfits. Pretty much any skimmer length jean, skirts with tights, even capris once the weather gets a little bit warmer. Can't wait!

What's your current shoe-want?


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