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Friday, 8 February 2013

What Mama Wears: Creature Comforts

Sometimes you have a day when you just want to surround yourself with creature comforts. For me, those things are: tea, baked goods, and every now and again I have a day where I need to wear something that's comforting in more ways than just warmth and ease of wearing.

This sweater belonged to my mother when she was growing up. I co-opted it out of her closet at some point in my teens years and it has never made it back to her - though I doubt she'd want it anyways. It used to fit very differently than it does now, but it still comforts me to wear it. It's not the most fashionable item, but I wanted you to see, bloggies, that I definitely look like this more often than I look in my other WMW posts.

Do you have an item that will never leave your closet? A camp sweatshirt, high school team jacket, uniform shirt that brings with it memories of all the times you wore it before? I, for one, think it's important to hang on to those things, that last outside of whether or not they're fashionable.


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