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Monday, 18 February 2013

What mama wears: Graphic Print Shirt

Warning: This post is graphic!

Okay - not graphic like GRAPHIC more like graphics. Like prints and stuff.

You know what I mean.

Just wanted to share this outfit that I rocked for our church directory photos. Oh yeah - you know it.

Nothing like a bold graphic blouse to say - Hey church peeps! Here I am!

So here it is:

Also - seriously rockin the pink socks... you know it! Not that you could see my feet for the pic, but I wore my boots to the church. Duh.

Love me a waist-cinching belt.

Looks sweet from the back too. ;)
Hair: curled with a curling iron, brushed out for volume, half up with a sweet little bow hair clip. Gawd I'm cute!



  1. Love the print of that top! And I love waist cinching belts, too!

    1. When you're curvy - waist cinching is usually a must... otherwise you just look sacklike... or I do anyways!


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