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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lenten Photo a Day challenge

So I saw this compelling pin come up today on a friend's pinboard... and while I'm not affiliated with the United Methodist church, I followed the link and read through an interesting project that I'm going to take on during this Lenten season.

 The concept is simple: each day take/post a picture that represents the word for the day. It should help me to consider many aspects of my life during Lent. I don't generally "give anything up" for Lent as I've never found it to be especially meaningful to me - but I feel like this speaks to who I am and will help me to "rethink" Lent. 

So today is the 13th - and today's photo is: Who am I? 

You'd think this would be simple: but this should be more than just a photo of myself... what does it say about who I am?

I picked this photo. It doesn't show many of the things that I am: artisan, designer, craftswoman, seamstress, cook, leader, singer, dancer, etc etc etc.... but it does show the two most important things that I am: Wife. Mother. 

It's a good start.


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  1. This is a great idea! I too don't usually give something up.


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